Clean environment comes from photocatalyst Tio2
About Us

Founded in 2005, Jita Enterprise is a photo-catalyst material and solution supplier in the environmental coating services and business integration.


Our Vision


Recent interest and studies in environmental photo-chemistry, in natural photosynthesis, and chemical methods for solar energy transformations has contributed greatly to our knowledge and understanding of the various phenomena related to both photo-chemistry and catalysis. As an emerging nanotechnology come together with the chemical mechanisms of photo-catalysis, the photo-catalytic nano particle titanium dioxide offers a new meaning of remediation and degradation on volatile organic compounds in the aqueous and airs streams.


Photo-catalysis technologies are about to create new markets. The advantageous actions including biological contamination, self clean buildings, deodorizing, anti-bacterial action, anti-fogging resolving cleaning action. Photo-catalysis applied technologies now have been proving to be effective in many industrial applications in fact, the photo-catalysis technologies have been widely utilized in many fields to ease our chores and to cut our maintenance cost by as much as 50%. Examples are the effect of purify NOx in the air, and metropolitan to reduce heat gain in the buildings result in super-hydrophilicity and vaporization heat of photo-catalysis.  According to the survey conducted by a think-tank, the market of photo-catalysis relative to the matters of environment will reach approximately one billion dollars by 2005. Therefore, it is estimated that the scale of the environmental market would be enlarged remarkably.



Mission Statement

Jita Enterprise is an environmental technology company. Environmental pollution is a global epidemic. What is our social behavior attempt for purifying our environment? We think the answer is to contribute to our technology know-how and the environmental friendly solution of photo-catalyst titanium dioxide. Removing environmental contaminants so we can preserve our environments to ensure our health and to pursue and sustain our happiness.