Clean environment comes from photocatalyst Tio2
Tio2 Applications

                                                        Motorized Vehicles

                                                        Building Exterior

                                                        Photocatalyst can purify and deodorize the interior and gives the driver and passengers a pleasant driving experience. Odor embedded in the carpet and seats will be decomposed to give the new car feel again. 

                                                        • Company Cars
                                                        • Public transportations (bus and train)
                                                        • Rental cars
                                                        • Taxis
                                                        • Cruise Ships
                                                        • Boats
                                                        • Air Plane
                                                        • Limousines  


                                                        Jita Enterprise's Nano-TiO2 Photocatalyst can be applied on exterior of buildings to treat and prevent unsightly damages caused by acid rain, moisture, and soot. It cuts down the overall maintenance time and cost.

                                                        • Apartments
                                                        • Condos
                                                        • Skyscrapers
                                                        • Commercial bulding complex
                                                        • Parkcing structures
                                                        • High rise buildings    
                                                        • Convention Centers
                                                        • Theaters
                                                        • Parking Garage
                                                        • Museums
                                                        • Airports 

                                                        Deodorizing Indoor Environment

                                                        Sanitizing and Sterilizing Environment

                                                        Jita Enterpise's Nano-TiO2 Photocatalyst decomposes odor molecules caused by tobacco smoke, pets, chemicals in detergents, furniture, paint, urine and fecal matters. Photocatalyst will continuously deodorize your living space and eliminates the sources.

                                                        • Restaurant
                                                        • Public restrooms
                                                        • Hotel and motel rooms
                                                        • Casinos
                                                        • Senior Centers
                                                        • Cruise Ships 
                                                        • Air Planes
                                                        • Convention Centers
                                                        • Pet shops and animal hospitals   
                                                        • Supermarket


                                                        With a constant amount of light provided, Jita Enterprise's Nano-TiO2 photocatalyst can control and prevent growth of bacteria, germ, and mold. Any harmful bacteria and germ would be killed and decomposed.

                                                        • Hospital
                                                        • Schools
                                                        • Public Restrooms
                                                        • Restaurant
                                                        • Club House
                                                        • Bars
                                                        • Theaters
                                                        • Stadiums
                                                        • Day-Care centers
                                                        • Convetnions Centers
                                                        • Clinics
                                                        • Casinos