Clean environment comes from photocatalyst Tio2
Customer Testimonial


I purchased your "Photo-catalytic spray" and used it in my car to remove "new car odors". The product removed most of the odor in the car.

Would it be possible for you to include another bottle of the Photo-catalytic liquid (I'll be glad to pay for it, just let me know the cost). I want to treat the trunk area in my car.  The bottle I had was only enough to do the interior of the car.


Dear Staffs,

I am very pleased with your photocoat spray.  The treatment you installed in my children's room for odor and sterilization had completely removed the odor in kids rooms; I noticed they don't get sick as often as before now.  They are not complaining about the smell anymore.  We are happy with the end result and will share with our friends and family. 

Maggie- CA


Greetings, from Indiana, I am writing to thank you for a very good product.
I have put the TiO2 photocatiyyc spray to very good use, and gone thru a few spray jugs in the past year

and would  like to give a list of the applications:
We aquired a 2002 buick park av. at a very reasonable price but came to realize that a cigar smoker had owned
this car before and checking the title it had been thru at least (4) dealers and still had a very strong tobacco
odor.  We used a 2.5 gram  per hour ozone lamp for almost a month and detailed the leather seats several
times using jojoba oil. The car still had a recurring background odor, about this time I found your product
on the internet, and arranged to purchase it thru online distributor.
I sprayed & brushed in on all soft fabric areas of the car. floor, rear deck, door panels, when the car was outdoors
the sunlight finished the job. (many odor problems like this usually have long term problems due to the difficulty
of the persistence of tobacco tar and other chemicals.)

In one bedroom one outlet leaked cold air in the winter, it also ingested warm humid air thus sweating the inside of the wall, this caused some mold to blow out and land in carpet and it became contaminated.

The carpet was sprayed and a coated spiral black light plugged into the outlet above the contaminated area.
over time the odor was brought under control. the carpet was resprayed as needed to replace the product
due to wear from sweeping.

I have also used the TiO2 in the bathrooms in our meeting hall, on the fixtures and tile floor as well as the frosted window.  this has brought bathroom odor to virtually zero.

Yours truly Bill w. - Indiana


To Whom It May Concern,

On the September 2008, I purchased a house in North Little Rock,

AR. Before I moved into the house, I had the carpet and wall all cleaned by the professional cleaning service and also used air freshener. I had noticed the house has a pungent smell and should not be good for the new born baby.  After researching for new products to get rid of the smell, a friend told me about Nano Photocatalyst so purchased it and sprayed second floor of the house. I noticed it eliminated the bad smell as I can smell the difference and feels good and not have to worry about the nasty odor anymore.  I feel Nano Photocatalyst is a good product and works very well. Breathing clean air is good for the mind and health. This is the best investment for my house and would be a good investment for anyone is buying a house or other indoor environment.

Sincerely Yours,

Howard Lee-AR



We are pleased to have our Chiropractic  facility installed ( 2nd times now ) with your photocoat to purify and sterilize the facility.  We noticed our staffs are not sick as often and the smell is gone, too!

Dr. Prong -Ca


Dear Staffs,

I had tried to rent the house out for a long time now but the house had a strong smell and tried everything but all of them did not work.  I want to thank you for helping us to resolve the odor issue.  The house was rented after the installation of your photocoat. 

Fu San - Ca  



I am really satisfied with outcome of the product , at first I was kind of hesitant to try it, because cleaning the kitchen will usually take me  an hour or two just to make sure all odors and greasiness is gone but with the treatment now I only need A few minutes plus all the smell are gone much yet I don’t have to worry about people messing up the kitchen cause I know photo catalyst will take care of it.




Just want to let you know, before your crew came here (Jollie Bee), the Men's restroom smelled very bad, but after the treatment; the smell improved by alot and little by little the the smell is gone. The cleaning is easy and faster now. I think if we used it from the start, it would be more better and work better.

Michael Salvador