Clean environment comes from photocatalyst Tio2

Applying Photocatalyst on exterior of a house for self cleaning

Port of Long Beach with Harry Bridge Blvd Project coated with Jita Enterprise (Photocoat) Nano photocatalyst coating to maintain its aesthetic by eliminating build up of soot, hydro carbon and most importantly to scrub contaminated air from car exhaust,  heavy machineries, power plants so the residents can enjoy breathing clean air.

Self Clean glass is based on decomposition and super hydrophilicity ( sheet water). Oily grime on the surface of window is decomposed, rainfall or water is used to wash off dirt and debris,


Car exhaust is extremely dangerous to our health as the soot and hydro carbon can be decomposed with photocatalyst to purify interior of vehicle to protect your loved one.

Is your car Making you sick! Below is the video from the Dr. Oz. Show. The video shows where bacteria are hidden and can be dangerous place for us all. Photocoat is a great sanitizer to keep your vehicle clean. One treatment last3 years, it saves time and hassles. Click the link below to view.